Ayais Fine Chemicals Ltd.
About Us
Ayais Fine Chemicals Ltd. came into being in 2000, when the buyer ask us to manufacture the baby oil,massage oils,body oil,bath oil,anti-aging skin care,smoke oil and cleansers rather than our original raw material and basic chemicals business, take the advanctages of the quality,experience, cost of our white mineral oil,vaseline,glycols,glycolic acid,latic acid,seaweed extract,rosemary extract,aloe vera,vitamins,hyaluronic acid,collagen,jojoba oil,rosehip seed oil,grape seed oil,camellia oil,almond sweet oil,wheatgerm oil,Vitamine E oil,Olive oil,flaxseed oil, safflower oil,sunflower,soybean oil,coconut oil 100% natural cold pressed plant oils and 100% 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils of our handled iteams, for such as lavender,rose,rosemary ,lemon,grapefruit,juniper berry,sanda..
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